Guardiola In Agreement With Mourinho On International Calendar

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Jose Mourinho stated this week that international friendlies at this stage of the season is detrimental, and Guardiola is in agreement with his colleague’s assertion.

However, Guardiola understands the importance of friendlies, as they help in preparing the national team and he would like the opportunity if he coaches a national team.

But says the club games at this stage are very important in different competitions, but he believes international friendlies are risky at this point of the calendar.

“The federations want the players to play as much as possible ahead of the world cup and of course we want all the players to go there,” he said at a press conference on Friday. “We want them to go there and come back safe, and play less minutes as possible.

“I am a little bit agree [with Mourinho]. Now we play for many things. All the clubs are here for many minutes and the people are in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, of the Europa league so, for the qualifications, and it’s too risky to play a friendly game. I agee. If we could avoid it it would be better, but the schedule is the schedule.

“It’s too many games, it’s crazy how many games there are in all the leagues, that’s why it happens. Always the national team deserves to play games but when we have 20 games in a thousand million competitions, and then after the Confederations Cup and after the games, it looks a little ridiculous. I am sorry.”



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