Cantona: Stones Plays Like He’s Pulling A Trailer

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Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona has taken a swipe at John Stones, a player he believes is overpriced.

Stones cost Manchester City £50 million to acquire from Everton, but his performances so far has not justified the amount.

Cantona has fingered the centreback as the weak link in Manchester City’s defence and blames him for the 3-1 loss to Monaco.

“We know now why John Stones was so expensive – because he comes with a fully equipped trailer that he pulls behind him when he plays!” Cantona joked to Eurosport.

“Manchester City’s defence are not the only ones to blame for their own infamous Brexit.

“And the attack! Not a single shot in the entire first 45 minutes.

“The question now is not who is going to leave this summer, but who is going to stay.”



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