Bellew: Haye Will Gas Out

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Tony Bellew believes David Haye, who weighed in heavier than him at today’s weigh-in will gas out they face tomorrow.

The former heavyweight champion weighed 16st 9lbs ahead of the grudge match tomorrow at the O2 Arena.

Bellew came in at 15st 3lbs and 8oz, 11lbs lighter than his London rival and believes he’ll tire him out.

“Is he shrinking? He looks smaller than me today,” Bellew told Sky Sports News HQ. “He looks a lot more muscular, he looks absolutely fantastic.

“He’s sorted out his hair, physically he looks very, very good.

“I thought he would be lighter – I am over the moon about his weight. He’s going to gas and believe me he will.”

Bellew could have been even bigger but remains confident of victory.

“I could’ve been different if I wanted to, but I wanted to chill out this morning and lose a couple of pounds,” he added.

“I wanted to look good but I am never going to look like him. He looks like an Adonis, he really does.

“He is a fantastic athlete and great aesthetically. But I am going to knock 10 bells out of him tomorrow night, I really will.”



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