Bellew: Haye Has Been Humbled

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Tony Bellew believes David Haye had no choice but to show his humble side after failing to fulfill his horrendous threat.

The pair of boxers were involved in a bitter war of words in the build up to the fight, a bout Haye lost to the Merseysider.

Bellew had to send his family to Dubai after the threats from the Londoner got unbearable for his family and he is glad that is behind him now.

“I think he’s shown a more humble side to him, which he needed to show, because in the build-up to this fight, he said some horrendous things,” Bellew told Sky Sports News HQ.

“It was at one stage I did send my children and my missus away from the country, because I didn’t want them to hear what he was saying. My missus was in tears about this man saying how he was going to put me in hospital and he’s going to end my career on that night.

“I sent them to Dubai, because I didn’t want them to hear any more of what he had to say in all honesty.”

“This whole build-up, I’ve just been me. I was there at the end,” said Bellew. “Would he have shown the same compassion to me? If he had done to me what he said he was going to do in one or two rounds, he would have just belittled me, laughed at me, and made a fool of me. He really, really would of. There was no way back for me.

“I looked at him and while my promoter and my trainer were jumping for joy and screaming on me, I looked at the man and he was hurt, he was badly, badly hurt.

“He didn’t have one person close to him, I’m being totally honest, who cared and wanted to help him back, and I did.

“I felt for David, because I know what it’s like to be a loser, I know what it’s like to be stopped on my feet. I just wanted to help him back to his stool.”



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