Bellew: I Broke My Hand In The Win

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Tony Bellew has revealed he suffered a broken hand in his win over David Haye at The O2 on Saturday.

Bellew claimed a win in the 11th round of their bout, with Haye sustaining an Achilles injury in the sixth round and fought till the 11th round, before Shane McGuigan threw in the towel.

The WBC cruiserweight won his first fight as a heavyweight, and says he was hampered by injury in the early rounds.

“It’s damaged and it’s swollen. I did it in the second round, I hit him with a hard right hand to the body and two straight into the solar plexus. I could see him physically deteriorating round by round,” Bellew told Sky Sports News HQ.

“I just knew it was going to come and forget the injuries. I came into this fight with a dodgy right knee, I done this in the second round (broken hand) and I can’t explain the pain I have been through in this camp.

“I have done about 20 rounds with [Dereck] Chisora and he is not in there playing tick, he is in there trying to take my head off. He said on the final day of camp, ‘I can’t believe how physically strong you are’.”

Bellew already challenged Wilder and Hearn says Parker called him about a possible fight.

“Parker is a fight I can win. And so is the Wilder fight. In all honesty, these heavyweights are slower than me and I am a guy who is not known for his speed,” Bellew said.

“I say this and I keep harping on about this, when they watch me on tape, when they look at me fighting, I look so easy to hit, I look slow, I look ponderous, but when they get in the ring with me it’s a whole different ball game.

“It’s like their worst nightmare has come true. David Haye came out in that first round and was sharp, loose and relaxed. Soon as I hit him with a left, his eyes widened and I knew I got his respect immediately.

“I said before the fight I have three goals. One, to get home safe to my family, two, win at all costs, and three, nothing else matters.

“I don’t know what’s next. I am the most proud WBC cruiserweight world champion that there has ever been. So I have to give that some consideration first, but a part of me says I would defend and unify tomorrow.

“But why should I defend and unify when there’s 20 times more money in these heavyweight fights? I am going to sit down with my advisers, Eddie [Hearn] and Dave [Coldwell] and formulate a plan.”

Bellew had harsh words for Dillian Whyte, who said he’ll lose to Haye.

“Dillian Whyte was the guy saying I was going to get blasted. He was saying I was going to get smoked,” he said.

“So Dillian pipe down, you are domestic level. That’s the only thing I have got to say to Dillian Whyte. Go have a fight with Del Boy (Dereck Chisora), that’s the best fight I have seen live.

“Don’t talk about me, you said I was going to get blasted, those were your words – ‘Tony Bellew can’t handle David Haye’.

“Tony Bellew has just dealt with the single biggest punching heavyweight in the world. He hit me and I said ‘And what?’. Bring it on.”



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