#BBNaija Live Show 8: ThinTallTony Gets Evicted From The House

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ThinTallTony was a major force to reckon with since the beginning of #BBNaija See Gobbe and he has won majority of the single challenge in the House.

His wins include the Payporte Arena Games which he won for a third time and that is perhaps the reason why a lot of his fellow Housemates and viewers of the show see him as a threat and a tenacious competitor respectively.

It was thus shocking when the host of the show, Ebuka announced that he was evicted from the show.

It was clear that almost all the #BBNaija Housemates were of the opinion that he would make it all the way to the finale but if there’s one thing the Big Brother shows has taught anyone, it is the fact that no one can pre-empt what the viewers are thinking.

With both Debbie-Rise and Efe being declared safe earlier in the show it was down to just ThinTallTony and TBoss.

As soon as Ebuka read out the name of the former as being evicted from the show, there were audible gasps from the other #BBNaija Housemates and Bisola immediately started weeping.

He hugged her and let her know it was going to be okay before telling everyone that they’d been “amazing” and that he “loved them all!”

As soon as the doors closed, the Housemates sat around quietly on the couches, shocked and still trying to process everything that had just happened.

Outside the #BBNaija house and on the Live Show stage with the host Ebuka, had a series of questions everyone had been itching to get answers to.

ThinTallTony came out on stage looking very energized and let everyone know that he was “living his dream” and had waited “12 years” for the chance to be on the Big Brother show.

ThinTallTony then decided to explain things between him and Bisola, saying they “were not real” and they had both “talked” about it.

“It’s a game!” he kept reiterating. He went on further to make it clear to Ebuka that he didn’t appreciate how people treated “married” people so he decided to keep his personal life “private” and never speak about his wife and children whom he refused to discuss despite Ebuka’s best attempts to force him to give answers to burning questions.

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