#BBNaija Day 67: Housemates Result To Mud Slinging To Get Votes

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With the #BBNaija finale drawing closer, it is no longer enough to simply campaign for votes as Housemates from the two camps are now mud slinging.

From the moment Big Brother gave the #BBNaija Housemates the right to conspire, the Housemates have being shading themselves ceaselessly.

One of the camps has, Bally, Bisola, Efe and Marvis and the other camp has Debie-Rise and TBoss.

Both camps appear to be doing all they can to make sure they survive Eviction this Sunday and their latest tactic is gossip.

“The clique” or camp one, have always made it known at every opportunity available that Debie-Rise and TBoss are manipulative and love to play the victims as if they do no wrong.

TBoss and Debie-Rise however, think the other four are rude bullies who have excluded them and tried to get rid of them since day one.

Almost every conversation by both camps has hinged on these narratives and interestingly, it’s always followed by a campaign for Votes.

This pattern has seemingly played out over and over again and it has become clear that both camps are throwing each other under the bus to “tarnish” the reputation of their competitors and skew the votes in their favour.

All the #BBNaija Housemates are guilty of mud slinging and on day 67, the camp with four Housemates came for TBoss once again but they were singing a different tune this time around.

They called her selfish, and noted how she hoarded things that were meant to be for the use of the whole House.

Efe particularly accused TBoss of hiding hair food that was meant for communal use in her personal wardrobe space.

Bally accused her of doing the same thing with the nail polish remover pocketing one of the two bottles and leaving the rest of the House to share the other, before Bisola chimed in and called her wasteful, scoffing at the fact that she called herself exposed but did all sorts of uncultured things.

TBoss and Debie-Rise have taken their fair share of jabs at “the clique”, especially Efe whom they practically called foolish for trying to seek a relationship with Marvis. All is fair in love and war isn’t it?

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