#BBNaija Day 67: The Extreme Diary Sessions

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The first #BBNaija Housemate to step into the Diary Room was Marvis and she said the mood in the House was great when asked by Biggie. She added that the fact that they were stuck in the garden wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be at first before saying the conspiracy in the House had made the divisions in the House very visible; four versus two. She added that her group was hoping to score high enough to unlock the “save a Nominated Housemate” option, and she added that she would save Bally if they had gotten that option. When asked if she would have a go again at the five impossible missions from yesterday, she refused out rightly.

Head of House Bisola was next and said that since Ebuka had announced that the #BBNaija housemates could conspire, the divisions in the House have become more visible. She said being locked in the garden had allowed all of them to sit, talk and bond together, which they haven’t done in a while. She said she would have loved for them to unlock the save reward, so she can save Marvis. She also told Big Brother that she believes Debie-Rise and TBoss intentionally sabotaged the missions, even as she stayed that her only regret since her #BBNaija journey was prejudging TBoss, and if she could, she would change that.

Efe told Biggie that being locked in the garden was uncomfortable but admitted that it has helped them bond as a House. He however mentioned that he was indifferent to the conspiracies in the House because he was happy and cool with his friends. He claimed the five impossible missions were grueling and he was still recovering from them. He then said his only regret in his journey in the #BBNaija house is that he would have loved to tone down his constant emphasis on his “being real”; as he felt his behavior would have sold his realness much better than his words.

Bally told Biggie that the heat had made them uncomfortable earlier in the day but that has since changed with the weather getting cold. He said he enjoyed the shooting Task from earlier today, and also added that being stuck in the garden has given all of them a chance to bond, agreeing with Biggie that adversity and hardship are good motivators. He told Big Brother that though the ability to conspire had shaken things up, there had always been a rift in the #BBNaija House. He also said that with the finale close, he had lost his cool as he was scared of the outcome.

Debie-Rise told Biggie that the day has been interesting so far as all the #BBNaija Housemates have been forced to be in each other’s’ space. She said conspiracy going on in the House has highlighted the different factions prevalent in the House, even as she added that she misses the ability and chance to chat with some of the Housemates from the other faction but hates the fact that they always sit together. She confided in Biggie that she was happy that the Housemates didn’t reach the 43 points required to unlock the save reward option as she felt that option wouldn’t benefit herself or new ally TBoss. She said she wouldn’t mind attempting the five impossible missions again, but only if the rewards favoured her in totality.

TBoss rounded things up as she told Biggie that she was tired, especially with the weather being unfriendly. She said the divisions in the #BBNaija house was noticeable since last Sunday and that it was most likely a direct consequence of all the conspiracy going on in the House. She accused the members of the other group as “suck ups” who she said tolerated each other’s’ shortcomings. She denied being a member of any clique in the House when Biggie asked her the question. She however admitted that she and Debie-Rise had conspired to sabotage the five impossible missions as they both felt that unlocking the “Save” option would not benefit them in any way. She also said she would actually like to attempt the five impossible missions again, but wouldn’t change any of her actions in the House as she considers them all a learning process which has made her a better person.

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