#BBNaija Day 65: Housemates Smile Through The Extreme Conditions Of The Day

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From having to work in the hot sun using chopsticks to transfer rice, to been drenched in cold water, the #BBNaija housemates have managed to smile through it all.

The #BBNaija housemates have soldiered on, emptying the bucket full of rice using chopsticks well into the early evening.

They had worked on the Task much earlier in the day and had a few breaks, as Big Brother had them taking part in the Water Dunk Puzzle Challenge, where they had to complete a puzzle before the sound of the buzzer in order to avoid a “nasty surprise”, in the form of buckets of cold water.

After this, they went straight to the weekly grocery shopping after they had dried off and changed into new clothes.

The Housemates then went back to emptying the bucket full of rice again, as it was an ongoing challenge.

The #BBNaija housemates all paced up and down outside, transferring the rice from one bucket to another.

During the course of the Task, they chatted, joked around and even sang a bit to kill boredom and while away time.

“I hope birds come here and eat all this rice!” joked TBoss, as they continued. As the conversation progressed, Head of House, Bisola mentioned that there was still a long way to go till they completed the Task.

Big brother had sent in his Ninjas earlier to empty what the Housemates had already covered back into the bucket of rice, meaning all their hard work had gone to waste and they had to start all over again!

The week has been tagged Extreme Survivor Week and so far, Biggie has pushed the #BBNaija Housemates buttons by making them do all sorts of intense Tasks.

He has also taking away a number of necessities and niceties including the shoes and mattresses meant to provide comfort for the Housemates.

It is left to be seen how much the Housemates can endure being without comfort as the week unfolds.

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