#BBNaija Day 65: Housemates Get A First Taste Of Tortuous Tasks

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The #BBNaija Housemates are finally getting a taste of what Big Brother has in store for them this week which he called the extreme task week.

On day 65, Big Brother decided to take full advantage of the hot and sunny weather to add a much needed pain factor to today’s Task in fulfillment of taking things to the extreme for the Housemates.

All the #BBNaija Housemates were asked to move outside into the yard where they found two, twenty litre buckets. One of the buckets was empty, while the other was filled with rice.

Six sets of chopsticks were placed next to the the items.

The brief for the task was then explained to the housemates and they were required to use the chopsticks to take all the rice from the filled bucket into the empty one.

Despite the heat and magnitude of the Task they settled down quickly and got to work.

As usual, Big Brother always has a trick up his sleeves and this time around, he asked the #BBNaija housemates to freeze when they were nearly halfway into their Task.

A Ninja then walked in and emptied all the rice they had transferred back into the filled bucket with the rest of the rice.

The Ninja however wasn’t done with them yet and as a way of making things tougher for them, he separated the buckets putting them on opposite ends of the yard.

The Housemates then had to walk up and down in the scorching heat to complete the same Task!

The Housemates have so far expended a lot of energy into the task and taken Biggie’s action in good faith as they seem amused about Biggie’s actions while also being annoyed at Debie-Rise and her nursery song about her privates and her mess.

It is left to be seen if the Housemates can tolerate the heat and fatigue from the task, or if it will lead to an explosive fight when they get weary. as the Housemates get more and more weary.

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