#BBNaija Day 64: The Alliances Before The Nominations

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Big Brother had given the #BBNaija  housemates free license to conspire before the Nominations that will take place later on day 64 and it has so far created a rift in the House.

TBoss and Debbie-Rise have at several times alleged that there was a clique in the #BBNaija house and the latest twist by Biggie, which gave the Housemates a free reign to conspire and discuss who they’d Nominate tonight.

Day 64 saw Bally, Bisola, Efe and Marvis discussing openly about which one of them they felt should take the fall.

The four Housemates seem quite confident as all of them alluded to nominating Bisola.

Bisola in her usual playful manner asked Bally why he would send her to battle before Bally reassured her that he’d never send her to go do something she couldn’t accomplish.

Efe on his part refused to take the fall, saying he had been taking one for the team since the beginning and that TBoss and Debbie-Rise were definitely going to vote for him.

He appeared confident of the strength of their camp however and reassured them that no matter who got Nominated “No one’s going anywhere!”

TBoss and Debie-Rise seemed not to be too pleased about the plot twist with the latter arguing that they don’t have to conspire just because they’ve been given permission to.

“Not everything that is permissible is expedient!” Debbie-Rise lamented. The two however assured each other of their support and despite the fact that it seems all doom and gloom, as the Nominations seem to offer both ladies an opportunity to strategise and ensure that they get their spaces in the final as they could get one of the #BBNaija housemates from the other alliance into their own group.

Bally among all the #BBNaija Housemates is someone that has voted strategically from the onset and has always made that much known.

All TBoss and Debbie-Rise need do is to convince him that he should Nominate the biggest threats in the House instead of voting according to allegiance which would help his chances in the final week.

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