#BBNaija Day 62: Housemates Have Fun With The Alphabet Game

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The #BBNaija Housemates have had a hectic week shooting and creating several contents for Big Brother so it was no surprise he gave them a light hearted task on day 62.

Big Brother instructed the #BBNaija Housemates through Head of House, Efe that they were to play an alphabet game.

The Head of House, Efe was instructed to divide the Housemates into two teams of three each and he is to oversee the games as the judge.

He as the judge would randomly select a letter of the alphabet between A to Z and each team is to act out a word that starts with that letter to him.

After both teams have acted out their chosen words, he is to award a point to the winning team.

The winning team will only be crowned after 12 rounds and the total accumulated points by each team have been tallied.

Efe used his discretion and divided the #BBNaija housemates, with Team one consisting of Bassey, TBoss and Marvis and Team two consisting of Bisola, Bally and Debbie-Rise.

With just five rounds played, Team two raced into the lead, leading three points to two, but at the end of the allotted 12 rounds, the Head of House declared a tie with both teams tied at six points apiece.

The Ultimate Head of House, Efe then used his discretion to take the games into sudden death, and he picked the letter “K”.

Team one sent in Marvis who proceeded to kiss Efe for about 10 seconds with the other #BBNaija Housemates jokingly shouting “bribery, bribery”.

Team two seemed to run out of options as Bally opted to “kick and knock” Efe in his dramatization of the letter K.

After the games, Efe needed a sip of water and some time to deliberate before he finally awarded the games to Team B.

As soon as the winning team was announced, Bassey, switched sides leaving his team members who were sombre on the couch to celebrate with the winners.

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