#BBNaija Day 61: Housemates Talk About Their Nicknames

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On day 61, the #BBNaija housemates decided to try to get along with each other and talk about the pet names they have given each other.

Bisola kicked things off as the other #BBNaija housemates referred to her as the “Alligator Queen”, a term that was first coined by ThinTallTony because of her teeth and the fact that she likes to bite everyone she plays with.

The Ultimate Head of House Efe was given the name “Captain Nipples” which is perhaps the most popular nickname in the #BBNaija house.

The name was given to him by Bisola, who based the name on the baby dreadlocks that sits on Efe’s head which protrudes like nipples.

Bisola also gave TBoss the moniker “TBust” or “TBux” as an underhanded jibe at her butt, and she switches from the former to the latter during her exchange of accents.

Bassey on his part gave himself the ginger area boy, but TBoss made it known that she has coined a new nickname for him, Pepper boy which she said she gave him as a result of him being shy around the opposite sex, especially when they give him amorous attention which makes him smile and blink rapidly like he has pepper in his eyes.

Bally was given the moniker, “Perpetual finalist”, due to his affinity of making it to the final of all the WHOT card games they play, but never emerging winner.

Bally however was given another title of “The Ultimate Kisser”, because he has kissed every single female Housemate in the #BBNaija House.

Marvis earned her nickname from Biggie himself, who called her “small but mighty” during one of the Friday Night Games. This name aptly describes her and how she she can be quiet one moment and exploding, the next moment.

Debbie-Rise was given the moniker “Madam Love” and “Guitar Girl” due to fact that she’s always singing about love and always playing her guitar.

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