#BBNaija Day 60: Tension Mounts Between Bally And Debie-Rise

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The #BBNaija Housemates spent most of the day shooting their music video and soon sat at a table to replenish the energy they had exerted.

They also used the opportunity to discuss the other pending video projects they had ahead of them.

As they talked about their roles in the viral shoot and joked about what each character was expected to accomplish during the shoot, Bally unwittingly poked a joke at Debbie-Rise.

He said “who go marry dis one sef”, as a reply to her claiming “I am already married”. The statement didn’t seem to go down well with Debbie-Rise as she took it very personal.

TBoss made it known to Bally that he shouldn’t have said that, and Bally responded by saying “when she dey do her own, nobody dey complain, so I nor go apologise”.

Debie-Rise immediately went into ‘sulk-mode’ and she soon made her way into the kitchen to wash her dishes, with the other ladies close behind her, trying to console her by telling her that she shouldn’t take it too literally or personal.

Bally on his part remained adamant and refused to apologise.

It appears the #BBNaija Housemates put the incident at the dinner table behind them as they joined hands together and went through their workout session as a unit before delegating the the House chores.

Bally and Marvis were on breakfast and kitchen duties and got support from Ultimate Head of House Efe, who also doubled as supervisor, as he checked on all the other Housemates.

Bassey on his part continued his romance with the camera as he went about shooting random cut away shots to add to the rushes for their music video shoot.

TBoss slept in a little longer than usual and had to be reminded by Efe that she was on bathroom and toilet cleaning duties today.

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