#BBNaija Day 60: Self-awareness During The Diary Sessions

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Big Brother asked the #BBNaija housemates to pick a colour, number or letter of the alphabet that they felt best represented them on day 60.

As soon as Biggie made this known to them, the #BBNaija housemates began to unpack their thoughts and it soon became clear there was an important lesson to learn – knowing themselves and managing the perceptions of the other Housemates.

TBoss was undecided for a while between the colours white and black before settling with the latter because she felt it went well with anything which is also a reflection of the kind of person she is.

She also noted that the colour black was mysterious and dark and can also be positive and joyful just like her, which the other Housemates had pointed out to her.

Bisola picked the colour blue and said it reminded her of the sky and brought so many fond and happy memories to her mind. She however also made it known that just like the sky, she could be calm one moment then stormy the next.

Debbie-Rise, who appeared to be in a happy mood was beaming during her Diary Session and she chose the colour yellow which she said encapsulated her personality traits. She mentioned those traits as “happy”, “warm”, and loud enough to be memorable without being shouty.

Marvis was told to pick a number instead of a colour and she chose the number five which she said was her lucky number. She said despite the fact that the number was an odd one, it always seemed to “even” things out in her life.

Bassey on his part chose the number four, as April was his birth month, while Efe settled on number seven arguing that it had been a special and lucky number for him since he was a child.

Bally rounded up the Diary Session and he picked the letter “B”, saying it was the letter he was all about. His name and surname both start with the letter and he said it was his blood type too. He also mentioned words starting with the letter such as “brave” and “bass”, which he said were a good representation of what made him who he is.

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