#BBNaija Day 60: Bisola and TBoss Unto Shy Man Bassey

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As the finale of the #BBNaija See Gobbe draws near, the Housemates have become so close that they constantly poke jokes at each other.

The Ultimate Head of House, Efe kicked of the day by rallying all the Housemates into the lounge area to read out a new task brief that Biggie had sent into the House.

The brief was straight forward and Big Brother encouraged the #BBNaija Housemates to continue with their Tasks of shooting a new viral video for the second stage of their video shooting Task.

The brief also made it known to the Housemates that they should not relent in their new affinity with the camera, but they should ensure that they make good use of the opportunity to finish off the new viral video they had earlier conceptualized.

As soon as Efe was done reading the brief, the #BBNaija quickly dispersed to attend to a few personal hygiene issues before the commencement of the Task at hand except TBoss and Bisola.

The ladies sat back and had a brief chat about Bassey. TBoss whispered to Bisola that Bassey was so shy, that if any girl were to jump on him the way Gifty used to with Bally, he would literally break into tears and run out of the #BBNaija House.

It appears both ladies have had muscle man Bassey on their radar and have become aware of his shy antics for a while now.

They have officially dubbed him a shy guy, with TBoss telling Bisola that that was the reason why she named him “pepper boy” because once a girl gets close to him he will start blinking his eyes rapidly “like someone that has pepper in his eyes”.

It appears that behind all the muscles and 6 packs, Bassey has a soft side to him and the women have all but noticed this part and a number of mischievous pranks may follow from the ladies just to see how much Bassey can blush when a woman is over him.

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