#BBNaija Day 59: Can Bisola and Bally Outsmart Biggie?

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All the #BBNaija Housemates are aware of the fact that Big Brother sees everything but what happens when they try to outsmart Biggie?

Big Brother has always made it known to the housemates that it was important for them to be creative in their thinking, especially as regards the weekly tasks, strategic plays and interactions within the House and Bisola and Bally decided to take Biggie’s advice literally on day 58.

After the #BBNaija housemates had spent hours preparing for the video shoot and they needed something to unwind, Bisola got into a very suggestive conversation with Bally and the topic of their discussion related to how to make out without Big Brother having a sneak peak on them.

The two #BBNaija Housemates had been joking about the fact that there were cameras in virtually every corner of the House, which they believed was to ensure that Biggie had  an eye on everything.

Bisola however quickly made it known to Bally that there was a corner in the House where the cameras are not present and they could get away with making out there.

She soon got a couple of blankets and they proceeded to the said corner hoping that they can hide away from the all-seeing eyes of Big Brother.

Bisola and Bally walked into the garden and proceeded into the laundry area, where Bisola pulled a few blankets off the clothing lines and started draping them over the top of the rack and around, trying to create a makeshift tent.

Perhaps in fear of being sanctioned by Big Brother or simply because of their partners who may be watching, the two #BBNaija Housemates quickly exclaimed that they didn’t plan to do anything but were just allowing their minds run wild.

The creativity is something that can help the Housemates de-stress after putting in so much effort into the week’s task.

It is hoped that they won’t get in trouble for it in the future.

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