#BBNaija Day 58: Bally In The Spotlight

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It appears that the #BBNaija housemates are suffering from fatigue which was induced by them digging deep into their creative minds.

The Housemates had spent a greater part of the week discussing ideas that seemed to lead nowhere and TBoss pointed out how they were all struggling with sleep.

The Housemates soon gave in to sleep and took a nap before being woken from their slumber by the voice of Biggie, who summoned Marvis to the Diary Room.

The breakthrough soon came, as Bisola suggested to the #BBNaija housemates that they do a horror flick.

The Housemates would all play friends who’d gathered for a weekend reunion and fun times before people started dying mysteriously.

To provide a scary background, the front doors would be locked and they’d have nowhere to run and no clue as to who was responsible for the gruesome murders which would be committed all over the House from the Jacuzzi to the shower.

Soon enough, all the #BBNaija Housemates pitched in their ideas and they soon fleshed it out, with Bisola penning the script after everyone had contributed their ideas.

Big brother soon asked the #BBNaija housemates to prepare a synopsis and treatment for their short film, viral video and music video.

Bassey who’s responsible for directing the music video went off to the changing room to work on that. The rest of the Housemates appeared tired and they soon started fooling around with TBoss and Bisola, who were attacking Efe and Bally with their signature, cold hands prank.

Bisola and TBoss were particularly messing around with Bally and he was the topic of much discussion all night with Debbie-Rise and Bassey simulating what he’d done with Gifty during truth or dare and joking about the size of his manhood.

Bally seemed annoyed and embarrassed about the whole thing and moments later, Debbie-Rise told him he was going to sleep with her that night and did a split on the floor while she played a love song on her guitar which professed her love for him. Bally told her in disbelief that she already belongs to someone, hoping she will stop disturbing him.

TBoss appeared bothered after Bally snuck up on her and tickled her. She screamed before declaring that she didn’t mind the fact that he was pursuing her relentlessly.

Efe made it known to the #BBNaija house that ThinTallTony would be ashamed of his “wives” and the way they were all over the other men if he was watching.

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