#BBNaija Day 57: Nominated Housemates Speak Their Minds During The Diary Sessions

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There was a plot twist on the #BBNaija show when Efe as ultimate Head of house was saddled with putting four Housemates up for eviction.

Big Brother had revealed that he was solely responsible for nominating four of his fellow Housemates for Eviction, with each Housemate having only 60 seconds to convince him why they should be spared.

Their appeals however fell on deaf ears as Efe spared his closest friends, putting up TBoss and Debie-Rise whom he called fake and superficial, Bassey, who he nominated in retaliation for last week and Bally because he had never been nominated.

Efe was first in the Diary Room and only the Nominated Housemates had Diary sessions on the day, perhaps in keeping with the theme of doing things.

Efe kicked off his session by saying the Ultimate Head of House title actually put a target on his back for the other #BBNaija housemates.

Biggie then asked him whether his Nomination choices were borne out of sentiments or strategic play, especially since he didn’t Nominate Bisola, whom he has admitted to being his biggest threat.

Efe didn’t give a straightforward answer but made it known that he was trying to keep safe the people he would love to see win, if he failed.

Bassey was next in the #BBNaija Diary Room and he made it known to Biggie that he expected it, saying that Efe loved to take the easy way out when ever a problem came up and when there was a better suggestion, he would resist, which he said was responsible for them butting heads during his time as Head of House.

He however pointed out that despite the fact that they were both outspoken and stubborn, they knew how to set their differences aside and get things done.

TBoss and Debie-Rise echoed similar sentiments during their Diary session, with both saying they were exhausted of being put up for Eviction week after week.

Both ladies were of the opinion that Efe shouldn’t have put up the same people nominated for eviction last week. TBoss went on to say that the campaign to convince Efe was a waste of time as he had already had his mind made up.

She however mentioned that she had survived being up for Eviction a number of times and appreciated Nigerians for keeping her in the #BBNaija house.

Bally however thought differently, saying he harboured no hard feelings towards Efe, as he chose to save the people he was closest to in the #BBNaija house.

Despite the fact that it was Bally’s first time of being up, he said that he believed that the viewers will come through for him since they had been watching him from the beginning of the show.

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