#BBNaija Day 55: Housemates Creatively Accessorise The Party Room

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In preparation for the Saturday Night Party of day 55, Big Brother asked the #BBNaija housemates to use the paints and paint brushes in the Store Room to accentuate the party props and décor that was earlier provided for them.

The #BBNaija Housemates appeared to be getting mentally prepared for the Saturday Night Party and Biggie had earlier sent them some party décor and props to beautify the party Room.

As the Housemates had little to do and keep them busy in the House before the party, Big Brother thought it wise to let the creative sides of the eight remaining Housemates run wild in the Party Room.

Big brother soon passed on instructions to the #BBNaija housemates through a task brief which was read out by the head of house.

The brief stated that although the party décor supplied earlier was basically white and that the Housemates had also recieved their Payporte outfits which had elements of traditional prints, they were now expected to accessorize the Party Room accordingly.

To help them achieve and fulfil their Task, Big Brother sent the #BBNaija housemates a box of paints and paintbrushes and requested that the Housemates tap into their creative sides to decorate the props and décor elements.

They were also expected to ensure that while decorating the party room, they express their personalities and also complement their respective cultures through the garments that they will be wearing at the Party.

The #BBNaija Housemates soon set to work with their Task, digging deep into their creative minds to create artistic decorations in the party room.

More so, with the housemates enjoying a solid meal of nkwobi and extremely excited while they worked on the decorations, it is certain that the party would be a memorable one, even as they try to take their minds away from the looming eviction that is some hours away.

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