#BBNaija Day 53: Housemates Stay Focused On The Day’s Task

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The #BBNaija Housemates on the insistence of the head of house, Bassey, headed out to the front yard to begin rehearsing their presentation for later in the day.

After a heated argument with Debbie-Rise as regards the creative direction the presentation should take, every single one of the Housemates listened attentively as they followed instructions to make the whole presentation take shape.

By the time the rehearsals came to an end, the #BBNaija housemates were already focused on more intricate details such as the three part harmonies and polishing their individual monologues. Some of the Housemates however seemed more prepared than others.

After the #BBNaija housemates had conquered the Conflicts and debate regarding the direction the presentation should take, they shuffled indoors with lots of excited, screams and crazy antics.

Bassey could be seen going around, giving all the Housemates hickies on their arms.

This didn’t seem to bother the ladies much but same could not be said when ThinTallTony attempted the same thing, as TBoss giggled before swatting him away.

Debbie-Rise soon enough donned her infamous, faux-Indian accent and went around the House terrorizing everyone and bestowing her chosen last name, “Rise” on all of the Housemates.

Bisola, who had her hands full making breakfast appeared a little annoyed when Debbie-Rise screamed out her name as Bisola-Rise, saying her big bum too will rise.

She soon yelled Bassey’s name and grabbed him from behind as she placed her hands on his chest. She told him she could feel his nipples rising as her own was doing the exact same thing.

Bassey let out an exasperated laugh, while asking her what she was doing, to which he got no answer.

Soon enough, Bisola and ThinTallTony were done with breakfast and all the #BBNaija Housemates tucked in to the burger patties they’d made. Marvis complemented them for the delicious meal as all the housemates digged in to fill their bellies.

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