#BBNaija Day 52: Housemates Munch On Frozen Chocolate

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After Big Brother had given Marvis and Bisola a secret task of disrupting the #BBNaija housemates in their recycling task which they successfully managed, Biggie informed them that their wager was at stake.

It’s however interesting to note that ThinTallTony seemed to figure out what they were doing, despite the fact that the task was supposed to be secret which has somewhat put the Housemates Wager in jeopardy.

The task for day 52 was thus an important one for the #BBNaija housemates. Big brother made every one of the Housemates gather in the Arena and explained to them that they would have to wear socks on their hands before putting on a beenie and scarf.

They were then required to cut up a frozen slab of chocolate into individual blocks and eat it. The reward for the task was that the winners could get back any one of the sentimental possessions they gave up to Biggie either for themselves or for another Housemate.

ThinTallTony and Efe were the first #BBNaija Housemates to have a go at the frozen chocolate. Both were neck and neck right until the end when ThinTallTony managed to pull ahead and win.

It was however made known that even if Efe had finished first, he would have been disqualified because he employed his hands to eat the chocolate.

Bisola and TBoss were next and they seemed to have put the fracas of the previous day behind them.

They had white chocolate to eat and they both looked nauseous as they struggled to hold down the frozen chocolate. Despite the fact that Bisola finished first, TBoss was declared winner because the former failed to cut the slab of chocolate into individual bars.

Bally beat Bassey when the duo had a go at the frozen chocolate, while Marvis also beat Debbie-Rise in the final clash.

All four winners Bally, Marvis,TBoss and ThinTallTony decided to get back the sentimental items that belonged to one of their peers instead of their own as a way of keeping with the theme of the week which is charity and kindness.

ThinTallTony got back Efe’s clothes and TBoss took back Debbie-Rise’ guitar.

Bally got Bassey’s drum back and Marvis got back for Bisola an outfit that once belonged to her mom.

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