#BBNaija Day 52: Diary Sessions

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ThinTallTony was the first #BBNaija Housemate in the Diary Room and he told Big Brother that he was in a good mood after the day’s task. When asked about friendships and alliances in the House, he admitted that some of the #BBNaija housemates had formed close bonds with each other but he wasn’t aware of any alliances.

He said he will choose to conspire with Bisola among all the other #BBNaija housemates because of his closeness to her and the fact that they understood each other. He rejected Big Brother’s offer of one million Naira to pull out of the show immediately, citing the fact that he wasn’t a quitter and that he believed that his friends and family would be proud of him.

Bassey was next and he wasted no time in telling Biggie that he felt friendships and alliances were formed from day one. He said his ideal co-conspirator would be Debbie-Rise, citing his close friendship as his reasons for choosing her. He refused the offer of N1m from Biggie saying the platform the show provides has been an upgrade on many levels.

Bisola told Biggie she was in a good mood after the Task and named the friendship bonds in the House as being between Debbie-Rise/Bassey; Bisola/ThinTallTony and Bisola/Marvis. She said her close friendship with Marvis would be one of the reasons why she would consider her as a co-conspirator. She turned down the N1m offer from Biggie, saying she had no regrets being on the #BBNaija show an said she would love her sister, Adunola to come to the House as she is her backbone and source of strength. She also spoke of how grateful she was for the #BBNaija platform and that she has no regrets coming on the show, even though she feels her mom may scold her for her kissing alliances but she believes her family will be proud of her.

Bally said he was happy as he finally triumphed in both Tasks of the day. He also told Biggie that a few of the #BBNaija Housemates have specific Housemates they have formed deeper bonds with, but that he is yet to notice alliances. He told Biggie that his best friend, Vince would be his choice of an outsider to enhance his chances of winning in the #BBNaija house and blatantly refused Biggie’s offer of N1m, saying he doesn’t consider himself a quitter and planned to be in the running until the finale.

TBoss said she was feeling great for excelling in both Tasks, despite her initial fears. She admitted to Biggie that most of the #BBNaija Housemates had paired themselves up into mini cliques and she felt she was the only one left out. She even told Biggie that her friendship with debbie-rise was one-sided as Debbie-Rise wasn’t giving their friendship 100%. She however said she would still pick Debbie-Rise as a possible conspirator should Biggie allow it. She said her sister Wendy would be her choice of an outsider to come help her chances of winning and gave a resounding NO to Biggie’s offer of N1m.

Efe told Biggie it was an interesting day, despite the fact that he hurt himself trying to win both Tasks. He told Biggie he felt the friendships and alliances among the #BBNaija Housemates was the reason why the last Nominations turned out the way they did; and that he has decided to move alone going forward. He told Biggie he didn’t trust any of the #BBNaija Housemates and as such couldn’t conspire with anybody, but he eventually picked Marvis as a possible conspirator. He refused the N1m offer, saying he came to win N25m and a car and not N1m.

Marvis said she was in a great mood, especially given the fact that she excelled in both Tasks of the day. She also told Biggie that she felt the chocolate Task was more a punishment that fun, even though she enjoyed it. She admitted to Biggie that she has stayed with the same friends so far, namely Bisola, Efe and ThinTallTony. She said she would pick Bisola as a possible conspirator citing that Bisola loves to gossip and that they shared a bond together. She said her friend Mabel, would be the ideal outsider she would love to bring into the House to aid her chances of winning. She refused to take the N1m offer from Biggie stating that victory was a better incentive that the prize itself.

Debbie-Rise told Biggie that even though she had lost in both of the Tasks from earlier, she was grateful for getting her guitar back. She told Big Brother that she was guilty of the friendship cliques and mentioned Bisola/Marvis/ThinTallTony/Efe and Bally as the main culprits who have formed an alliance. She named Bassey and TBoss as her closest friends and reluctantly chose TBoss as the #BBNaija House mate she would conspire with. She said she would bring her friend Lundgren to aid her chances of winning, as he would push her to achieve her goals. She refused the N1m offer from Biggie stating that the #BBNaija platform trumps any monetary stipend.



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