#BBNaija Day 51: Bisola And TBoss Get Into A Nasty Spat

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TBoss and Bisola had a serious spat on day 51 in the #BBNaija house as the former took a nasty jab at the french toast the latter was preparing for everyone!

After what seemed like minutes, the two of them decided to walk away but it was obvious they were both still upset with each other.

After it seemed things had calmed down, the #BBNaija housemates sat around the kitchen table playing cards but Efe and Bassey felt there was a need for reconciliation in keeping with the week’s theme of charity and kindness. This however escalated issues.

Efe had kicked things off by trying to get TBoss to “speak with Bisola” as part of her act of kindness.

She instantly refused and said she would rather fail the Task while also using the opportunity to tell Efe and the other #BBNaija housemates that “I know you guys don’t like me & I don’t care anymore! It’s fine, it’s a competition. I’m not here to make friends!”

While Efe was still trying to wrap his mind around what TBoss said, Bassey called for a meeting and tried to unite everyone by asking them to hold the totem, Mary in their hand and say what they feel it represented.

TBoss refused to take part and instead passed the totem to the other #BBNaija Housemates instead. Bassey then asked the two ladies to stand and iron out the issue after noticing the tension but this seemed to escalate the whole issue.

Bisola immediately pointed out that she didn’t enjoy being controlled in the kitchen and that she was already in a bad mood when she was asked to make french toast for the House.

She said. This was why she snapped when TBoss made jest of the ingredients she employed in making it. She also made it known that she was tired of people judging her loud voice and seeing her as being aggressive.

TBoss on her part made it known that she could never tolerate disrespect and that she was “sick and tired” of everyone taking advantage of her.

She also said she didn’t like the fact that they were ungrateful when she cooked and cooked  for every one like she was some “slave girl”.

Her words got to Bisola and when Bassey and Efe told her to remain quiet, despite the fact that it was her turn to speak, she went over the edge and got more upset as they tried to calm her down, saying she was being silenced.

Soon enough, vulgar words were being thrown around by the two ladies before Bassey ripped off his crown screaming “Do you not respect this crown? Take it if you don’t!”

Bisola stormed out of the room, screaming before heading to the garden to cool off while Debbie-Rise tried to console TBoss to no avail. After she’d calm down a bit, she apologised to TBoss and Bassey for losing her cool.

The two ladies soon went into the garden to share a drink and sort things out, even though both admitted to being furious.

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