#BBNaija Day 50: The Triangle of Bisola, ThinTallTony And TBoss

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For a week or two in the #BBNaija house, it has become obvious that ThinTallTony’s interest in Bisola has waned.

As a matter of fact, if Bisola’s revelations on day 49 in the #BBNaija house are anything to go by, his advances were never romantic to begin with.

Bisola had made it clear to Efe that she believes he’s been using her to get close to TBoss and she said exactly the same thing to TBoss after Saturday’s party declaring that ThinTallTony wouldn’t care if she made out with Bally because he didn’t want “her box”.

It seems ThinTallTony has finally been caught in a Web as Bisola’s words seems to betray her emotions and the way she’s feeling at the moment.

She no longer jokes playfully about ThinTallTony and TBoss being an item, and as a matter of fact, wasn’t too impressed when the two held themselves in a goodnight embrace before bedtime on day 49.

This love triangle seems a little awkward, given the fact that ThinTallTony had revealed a few weeks earlier that he is not interested in TBoss and finds her obsession with cleanliness very annoying.

He had gone on further to point out that he was only teasing her and flirting in order to figure her out and get in her head.

His plan seems to have failed however as TBoss had revealed to Debbie-Rise that she knew ThinTallTony was “trying to make her a pawn in his game”and that surely puts him in the middle!

This then brings up the question of who ThinTallTony is actually playing seeing as both women believe that he is trying to manipulate them.

Or could it be that both Bisola and TBoss are only putting up a brave face in the #BBNaija house because they don’t want to fall for ThinTallTony and lose sight of the main objective? Time will surely reveal what is going on.

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