#BBNaija Day 49: Housemates Throw Caution To The Wind

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#BBNaija Day 49 had some of the Housemates throwing caution to the wind and having intense make-out sessions.

From the beginning of the show, it was all about ThinTallTony and Bisola but things have soon become friendly between the two of them since they got busy under the covers and set tongues wagging.

The two however engage in play fights but have none of the passionate make-out sessions of old.

Bisola still seems to be into ThinTallTony and that much was made obvious from their early campaign for likes during the week when she called him handsome and dashing like the “lion on his T-shirt”, while following him around all the time.

More so, Bisola appeared to push ThinTallTony towards TBoss at first but it seems she now feels slighted by his interest in TBoss.

It was even more apparent when she joked out loud that ThinTallTony wanted TBoss‘ “box” and not hers after TBoss pointed out that their mutual love interest wouldn’t like what she was doing with Bally.

All these were said before Bisola started making out with Bally in the bedroom.

Bally had earlier pleaded with Bisola early in the day to stop teasing him because it had been “seven weeks” and the things he’d once confessed he wanted to do to her were “all true”.

Despite the warning, she didn’t stop caressing his chest and kissing his neck and in the end he succumbed.

The two of them soon slipped under the covers kissing and moaning but Bisola left the bed after a few minutes perhaps rethinking her decision to go all the way.

Efe and Marvis also seem to have reconnected as a result of being the wedding couple this week.

They soon shared a slow, intimate dance before the lights went off. Efe then slipped into bed and asked for a goodnight smooch.

Marvis gave him a little peck at first but soon gave in and gave him a long kiss.

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