#BBNaija Day 47: Housemates Have A Lot At Stake With The ONE Task

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The mood in the #BBNaija House took a very serious and quiet turn as the Housemates decided to work on their ONE AFRICA presentations and only taking short breaks in between.

As the housemates sat and concentrated on writing their presentations, Big Brother’s voice boomed over the PA system summoning the Head of House, ThinTallTony into the Diary Room. He emerged with a Brief from Biggie for the Housemates.

The brief required the #BBNaija housemates to focus on the ONE presentation that they have been working on. Big brother also went ahead to inform the Housemates of what they had at stake.

The winner of the ONE presentation Task was expected to join an elite list of celebrities who are championing the plights of the girl child and attend the UN General Assembly event in New York, coming up in September.

Biggie also instructed the Housemates to create an original musical piece with the theme “Lets Educate Our Girl child” that they were all expected to perform tomorrow alongside their individual presentations.

The last instruction that big brother had from the Brief was that every single Housemate is expected to participate in the musical Task. He however told them that they were not all expected to sing and that the performance should NOT be longer than four minutes.

The #BBNaija Housemates quickly retrieved the supply of writing materials Biggie had left for them in the store room and got back to working on their Task, since they had become more motivated by Biggie’s words that the winner of the Task would have an opportunity to become a part of a global campaign that touches every heart.

It is left to be seen the kind of presentations and performance the #BBNaija housemates would deliver for their ONE presentation tomorrow and if it will be good enough to impress Biggie and the ONE AFRICA judges or if they will receive a negative reward for putting up a shoddy presentation.

Only time will tell as the Housemates dig into their creative minds.

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