#BBNaija Day 45: Housemates Test Their Empire Building Skills

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It is only a few weeks left to the end of the #BBNaija See Gobbe show and anyone of the remaining eight Housemates can potentially emerge winner of the show and walk away with 25 Million Naira.

Perhaps as a way of learning how to spend the prize money if any of them emerge winner, they all learnt to brush up on their Empire building skills by playing a game of Monopoly.

Big Brother called the #BBNaija Housemates out into the lounge and challenged them to two rounds of the board game Monopoly,while promising the winning Housemates a special treat.

It was a surprise that none of the Housemates had ever played the game before but they were all smart and intelligent enough to wrap their minds around the rules in minutes and start going at it!

TBoss who had agreed to be the banker could already be heard squealing with excitement that, “I’m rich, I have so much money” with delight as things kicked off.

The game was the most suitable thing for the #BBNaija housemates to indulge in and de-stress after a hard day of learning and taking a consent pledge, it couldn’t have come at a better time as it had been an emotional day for our Housemates who were still processing all of the invaluable lessons they’d learnt on day 45 which also happened to be the International Women’s Day.

The Housemates split themselves into two teams of four and which ever teams emerges winners from the first round would then go head to head to determine the ultimate and overall winner.

Since the Housemates were playing the Monopoly version of Lagos, different areas of the city were mentioned as they purchased and invested in real estate properties.

Bisola appeared to be at the top of the game as she could be heard telling everyone she was off to “Banana Island”.

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