#BBNaija Day 45: Housemates Celebrate International Women’s Day With A Pledge Of Consent

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The activities in the #BBNaija house seemed to be at full swing on day 45 as Biggie decided to celebrate the International Women’s day.

Big Brother went out of his way to organise a seminar for the housemates with a a seminar which had the theme consent is Sexy.

The #BBNaija Housemates were asked to go into the garden and shut the doors behind them.

Later on, Big Brother asked them to go back into the House and they were greeted by the seminar facilitators with friendly faces and warm smiles.

They were soon asked to have their seats and the seminar soon kicked off.

The first part of the day’s session was strictly about learning and the #BBNaija housemates learnt the proper way to talk and how to listen to other people talking.

This activity formed the bedrock for the rest of the day as the #BBNaija Housemates learnt how vital it was to learn to listen to anyone you are conversing with and that it was key to understand each other and forge a meaningful relationship.

The facilitators of the session emphasized the need for setting boundaries and clearly understanding those boundaries as a solid foundation for all relationships.

The second part of the day’s seminar was an exercise the facilitators called ‘Crossing the line’. In this exercise, the #BBNaija Housemates were made to understand the integral need to take responsibilities for themselves and their own actions as well.

The Housemates were asked a series of questions tailored towards self-actualization, to which they had to answer by stepping across a certain line of comfort.

At the end of the seminar, it was obvious that the #BBNaija housemates learnt a lot and have become more self-aware and also conscious of the different people around them.

The facilitators concluded the seminar activities by delivering some pizza for all the Housemates and having them recite the ‘Consent Is Sexy’ pledge, before making their way out of the House.

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