#BBNaija Day 41: Housemates Take Creativity To A New Level With Their Wall Of Fame

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The Tasks of the week have sought to bring out the creative and artistic side of the #BBNaija housemates and they have not disappointed.

Big Brother seems not to be done with the housemates despite the various art Tasks that included the paintball game, making a portrait of Biggie, sculptures in honour of a fellow Housemate, as well as painting a picture using their bodies as the “paintbrush”, among other challenges.

He has taken things to a whole new level in agreement with the theme of the week “extreme art” by telling them to create a wall of fame.

The task on day 41 required the #BBNaija housemates to redesign the Arena wall, using paint. They were all required to create their own Nigerian Wall of Fame which should exclusively have Nigerian elements on it.

The Housemates were expected to think beyond putting just famous people and monuments on the wall and instead, dig in deep into the natural, cultural and artistic views of Nigeria.

Immediately after the head of house, ThinTallTony read out the Task brief, he instructed the #BBNaija housemates to change into comfortable clothes before putting them in pairs. The Housemates then went ahead to discuss various ideas as to what should appear on the wall of fame before drawing out sketches of what they would paint.

Some of the ideas discussed included a painting of a book, with hands placed on it and inscriptions of the different tribes in Nigeria adorning the book.  This was suggested by Uriel to her pair for the task, Efe, who felt that since they were not allowed to paint the Nigerian flag, they could as well do a painting of a book.

The #BBNaija Housemates also came up with the idea of creating a timeline of events that depicted the development and changes that occurred in Nigeria from a few years back to the present. This idea was thrown up by Bally.

Bisola on her part came up with the idea of drawing a pair of hands beating on a drum on the wall of fame. Some of the other Housemates also came up with a drawing of hands holding a 50k (kobo) coin.

It is left to be seen how the Housemates handle the last extreme art task of the week.

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