#BBNaija Day 41: DJ Waxxy Goes Old-school With The Cocktails In Vegas Party

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The Saturday night party on day 41, once again saw the return of DJ Waxxy to the ones and twos as he churned out songs the #BBNaija housemates couldn’t resist dancing to.

Big Brother however had a challenge for the housemates to complete during the course of the party.

He instructed them to spend the first 10 minutes of the party creating a tasty and unique cocktail for their fellow Housemates using the drinks that were provided.

The #BBNaija Housemates soon got to work but none of their cocktail creations was a match for Efe’s Legend Stout concoction, as it proved to be the tastiest and most popular. As such, Efe was declared winner of the Task.

After the task was done with, it was time for the housemates to party once again and DJ Waxxy didn’t disappoint as he went hard and heavy on the old school jams during his second time in the House.

He left all the #BBNaija Housemates with a nostalgic feeling, with Debbie-Rise appearing the one most hit as she started twerking and slow winding on the dancefloor.

It didn’t take long however for the other Housemates to be infected with the dance fever as ThinTallTony, Kemen and Efe soon joined in, making the whole house launch into one of their spirited dance routines!

All the Housemates were soon reminiscing about the good old days of Hip-Hop as the feeling of nostalgia could be felt all through the party ground.

As is expected with a party of this nature, things progressively got more and more heated with Efe lying on his back while Bisola did a grind on him.

Not long afterwards, Debbie-Rise, who had been making passes at Bassey all night also got a little action before the music cut off and the party wrapped.

The Housemates feeling disappointed soon huddled around the DJ and begged Biggie for the party to carry on but Biggie was having none of it.

The #BBNaija housemates however loved Dj Waxxy’s set so much that they gave him their signature Big Brother clap and bow.

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