#BBNaija Day 40: Low Spirit In The House After The Wager Loss

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The wager Tasks have come to be an important part of being in the #BBNaija house for the housemates with Biggie expecting them to explain their Body Painting picture and sculptures and who it was made for.

Biggie first asked the teams to take turns to explain their team paintings with Efe and Debbie-Rise’s painting drawing earning the Housemates accolades from Biggie.

After the various teams explained their paintings, all the nervous Housemates were asked to explain their sculptures. The most outstanding sculpture seemed to be that of ThinTallTony which was modelled after Bally.

Bally on his part made a crown for Gifty as did Debbie-Rise, who recalled how she and Gifty shared a onesie which called Gibie. Marvis on her part made a piece showing off Bisola’s curves.

Biggie commended the Housemates for the effort they put into the Tasks of the week but told the #BBNaija housemates that he felt they had not put their all into the activities of the week before telling them that they had lost their Wager for the week.

The #BBNaija housemates appeared downhearted and they exited the Arena for the house with Biggie announcing that the store room was now open.

The Housemates found photographs from the Portrait Task day which they looked at with appreciation before they all gathered at the table to talk about raunchy stories of men and women.

The effects of the Wager loss soon hit the #BBNaija housemates as the head of house, ThinTallTony decided to give his fellow Housemates a pep talk about some of the bad habits that he had observed among them.

He mentioned that he had noticed that the #BBNaija housemates were fond of taking things and leaving them unfinished. He gave examples of drinks, toothpaste and soap which he said had observed Housemates leaving in water to get wasted.

He went on to say with the Wager lost, the #BBNaija housemates won’t be getting any additional things for the week and as such, they should all endeavor to take care of things.

He also brought up the issue of hygiene, telling the Housemates to clean up after themselves. He mentioned that some of the #BBNaija housemates don’t wash the dishes after a meal. A lot of people did that last night, urging them to clean up after meals.

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