#BBNaija Day 39: Debbie-Rise And Uriel Talk About The Former’s Insecurities

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The #BBNaija Housemates had a slow morning on day 39 but same could not be said for Uriel, who spent the better part of the morning advising a timid Debbie-Rise on how to assert herself more in the House.

The two housemates sat in the kitchen and discussed the number of occasions where Debbie-Rise had to defend her opinions whenever various issues of discussions are up for debate point with the other Housemates.

Uriel was of the opinion that she shouldn’t brush things off lightly, anytime any of the other #BBNaija housemates made her feel uncomfortable during any debate.

Uriel told her that whenever all the Housemates are together and she feels attacked, she should ask whoever attacked her why they like doing so. She went on to say that doing it in front of everyone will make it known to every one of the #BBNaija housemates that she’s not one to be messed with.

Uriel went on to point out how several other Housemates tend to “roll their eyes” when Debbie-Rise commented on an issue being discussed in the House. Uriel made it known to her that she herself had rolled her eyes at Debbie-Rise a couple of times, saying there was an incident when they once had a guest and she asked whether she could bring her guitar or not.

Uriel said she thought to herself “Oh God, this girl again with her guitar!” However, I went back to the bedroom and asked myself why I did that because I knew it was wrong. I respect your hustle,” she added.

Debbie-Rise agreed that she had also noticed some of the reactions of the Housemates’, saying such reactions had made her hold back a bit. Uriel however quickly reminded her that she should always keep her eye on the prize saying “This House isn’t set up for you to be comfortable.

There are many times where I’ve felt alone in this House. You must never allow anybody to put you down.”

It is left to be seen what Uriel is playing at, especially since she appears to be caught up in a web which includes Debbie-Rise and Bassey. 

In the last few weeks, she has gotten closer to the latter, even though his feelings seems to run deep for Debbie-Rise.

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