#BBNaija Day 38: The Paintballing Session

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The return of Bisola and Bally to the #BBNaija house was an interesting one as both housemates yelled “It feels awesome to be back!”

It would be recalled that the two Housemates were ushered to an island during the Live Eviction Show on Sunday, where they were wined and dined, while they watched the other Housemates on the TV screen, without them knowing.

The return of the two had them answering a lot of questions from the other Housemates, with some asking if fake Housemates Jon and Ese were really Evicted.

Bally confirmed that they had actually been Evicted.

Bisola and ThinTallTony talked about how much they missed each other. The duo also noted how much they had learnt a lot from Evicted Fake Housemate Jon, saying he was the most knowledgeable in most discussions held in the House, even as they both spent a good part of the morning chatting and playing.

As the hours went by, Big Brother had a task for the housemates and they were required to play a game of paintball.

As soon as the Housemates changed into comfortable clothes, in readiness for the task, they all moved into the Arena where the head of house, ThinTallTony paired them into five groups.

He paired himself with Uriel, Kemen with Marvis, Efe with TBoss, Bally with Debbie-Rise and Bisola with Bassey.

The paired Housemates took turns in their pairs, with one of them handling the gun to shoot the paintball, while the other acted as the interactive part of the frame canvas before switching after a round of shooting.

Bisola and Bassey were the first to go, with the latter being the shooter. Bassey soon had her screaming, as he took shots at the canvas with some of the shots landing on Bisola. She soon had her turn, as she too fired strong shots at the canvas, with some of them hitting Bassey.

Efe and TBoss were next, followed by ThinTallTony and Uriel, Bally and Debbie-Rise, then finally Kemen and Marvis.

After all paired housemates had taken turns in shooting, the #BBNaija housemates threw up a few names about which team had the best artwork before big brother congratulated them all for succeeding in creating fine pieces of art.

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