#BBNaija Day 37: Housemates Tasked With Drawing Biggie’s Face And Making Sculptures

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The challenge of day 37 had the #BBNaija Housemates visually drawing a portrait of Big Brother to show his omnipotent presence.

The Housemates were provided with brushes and a blank canvas and all that was require require them is to let their imaginations run wild.

The new Head of House, ThinTallTony had hardly finished reading out the Task assigned to them before the Housemates formed a cluster to discuss what Big Brother might look like.

The #BBNaija housemates came up with very fascinating and diverse ideas.

TBoss was of the opinion that he wasn’t “handsome” in the classic sense but was attractive in a “rough” and rugged way, and that he would have dreadlocks.

Bisola on her part felt that he was tall, dark and handsome as well as sharp and well dressed.

ThinTallTony decided to follow a more conceptual approach in his description of Biggie as he saw him as a supreme, omnipotent being who didn’t have a face but maintained dual personalities. ThinTallTony said the fact that he saw everything made him a deity that had light surrounding his head and because of his tricky nature, he also had black arms, claws and a fish tail.

As ThinTallTony made his concept known, it put an end to the conversations and the #BBNaija housemates soon got to work sketching and drawing out their outlines.

This took a lot of their time as the #BBNaija Housemates all but spent their afternoon creating their portraits of Biggie with most of their creations taking significant shape.

Bisola and Bally had lifelike projections of Biggie’s image, while TBoss and ThinTallTony went for abstract creations.

Big Brother soon gave the Housemates another task of creating a sculpture each, in commemoration of a fellow Housemate they shared fond memories with. He went on to ask them to think long and hard about what they were going to create.

The #BBNaija Housemates stood in front of the Eviction Portrait Wall and talked about the fond memories of the Housemates that have been evicted from Jon’s intelligence and wisdom to Bisola’s personality and strength.

They then picked a Housemate to honour with Efe picking Ese, TBoss going with Miyonse and Kemen picking CoCoIce before heading outside to begin the sculpture task in the garden.

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