‘Bale Not That Great A Player’

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Republic of Ireland legend John Giles believes Gareth Bale is not that great a player and without him Wales would be very average.

Republic of Ireland play Wales in a world cup qualifying match on Friday. They’re top of the table and four points clear of Wales, who are third on the group.

Giles believes Bale needs to play on a team that doesn’t have Ronaldo, before he can be considered a great player.

“Bale has a bit to go before I would call him a great player,” said Giles. “It seems to me that he needs to get away from Ronaldo to make the final step.

“I really like Gareth Bale, first as a player and secondly as a human being.

“I don’t know him but everything I’ve seen leads me to think he’s a good lad with very few airs and graces and he remains rooted in his family and friends back in Wales.

“While Ronaldo, with all his money and medals, still feels the need to show off, still stands on the tips of his toes to make himself big in team photos, Bale gets on with his work and plays for the team.

“Wales has been a great outlet for Bale and we have seen by the way he leads the team that he has a genuine passion and delight in playing for his country.

“I don’t buy the idea that Wales are a decent team without him. They have Aaron Ramsey who thinks he’s a great player but isn’t. Without Bale, they would be very average.”



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