Spalletti Praises Nainggolan’s Influence

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Roma manager Luciano Spalletti has praised midfielder Radja Nainggolan and says he represents the next evolution of the footballer.

The Belgium midfielder scored two stunning goals in the 3-1 win over Inter Milan , keeping them seven points behind Juventus.

Spalletti has praised Nainggolan’s versatility and commitment and says he could have a team full of Nainggolans and he’ll be happy with it.

“He is a player who is able to do everything,” Spalletti told reporters ahead of Wednesday’s Coppa Italia semi-final against city rivals Lazio. “You can ask him everything and he can do it.

“I have seen [the media] trying to find adjectives to describe him or ways to compare him to others. One of the descriptions or headlines about him could be: he is the evolution of the football player because you can win with 10 players like him.

“You can have a terrific team. His position is not important. You can have an amazing team with 10 Nainggolans.”



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