Schmeichel: Players Did Not Ask For Ranieri Sacking

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Kasper Schmeichel has denied reports that claim that Leicester City owners asked senior players before sacking Claudio Ranieri.

Leicester City lost to Sevilla 2-1 on Wednesday and reports claim after a meeting with senior players on Thursday morning, the club sacked Ranieri on Thursday evening.

However, Schmeichel insists the players had no say in the decision and stated the players didn’t turn on Ranieri.

He said: “Our owners are the type of people who are here a lot. They come to practically every game, they come to the training ground and they talk to the players all the time. I can’t talk from previously before I came to the club but, in the time I’ve been here, they come into the club and talk about all manner of things from the weather to whatever.

“But at no point have they taken our advice or asked for our consultation on the manager’s future. That is their job, their prerogative. We are players, we have to perform on the pitch, and that we haven’t done this season.”

He added: “They are very hurtful reports. I can only say as a player at this club, I, or any other player, have no influence on a decision like this or any say of any kind.

“Our owners are very successful businessmen who have made decisions in their business life many, many times. They have made big decisions for the club previously and they are the ones who make the decisions.

“We have absolutely no influence. We don’t kid ourselves that we can influence or make anything happen at all.

“I’m as upset about these reports as anybody. They are deeply hurtful and, for me, to read these types of things I think it is absolutely ridiculous to think that any player in any squad across the country has that type of influence or power to make decisions like this. I think it is absolutely ridiculous.”



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