Pochettino: Give Spurs Time To Win Titles

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Mauricio Pochettino says Spurs need time to win titles, as they’re still working on developing their squad and mentality.

Tottenham are third in the EPL, in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup and still in the last-32 of the Europa League.

Pochettino wants to be the man to take Tottenham to the next level, but believes it will be the hardest thing to do in football.

“We need time, and we cannot buy time. It’s the most important thing for us,” he said ahead of the Wembley clash.

“We want to win titles. We want to move the club to the next level. Like when you are building the facility we are in now and the new stadium, you need time to build a stadium and time to build a squad.

“One thing is very clear, and it is realistic, is that we are building the new stadium and that process is a tough period for every club. Then, when you have the tools to try to fight with the big sides to try to win, we will arrive in the moment.

“Today we are in the same process as the club. We started maybe one or two years ago to try to build a new team, mentality and philosophy. I hope that I can see that process and that patience, and in the end the success.

“That is my big aim and challenge at Tottenham. We improved a lot, and I am happy with the progress in the last two years. But it is the hardest thing to win titles. You can win games, but to win the Premier League is another step, and is the hardest job.”



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