Do You Have A Great Script You’d Like to Turn Into A Movie?

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Platinum Plus TV is inviting script writers, story tellers to send in their works or passion pieces

Nollywood is becoming more and more insatiable for good movie scripts.

Seeing as we are still in first quarter of 2017 and you’ve prayed, fasted that your dreams of getting your work to a wider audience will come to pass.

Or you have a fresh captivating story to tell the world.

This could be your answer.

Send your scripts, treatments, synopsis and character bible to

You never know what could happen.

Pick up your laptop now, open that folder you’ve locked up for a while and send in your work.

Tell a friend, tell a brother, tell a sister, tell a colleague.

Entries close on the 28th of February 2017 at 10am.

Watch the Platinum Plus TV Promo below

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