Hospitals For Humanity’s 1K1M Campaign

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Congenital Heart Defects are very common and critical birth defects however survival and life expectancy of individuals with congenital heart disease have significantly increased with earlier diagnosis improved surgical interventions and better medical management.

Every year, an estimated 85,000 children are born with congenital heart defects in Nigeria all are currently referred out of the country for surgeries. Every hour in Nigeria, a hundred children die before their fifth birthday.

One of every eight under-five children who die in the world today is Nigerian. These children mostly die of treatable vaccine preventable illnesses which are complicated by malnutrition. These deaths are largely needless and preventable.

A high proportion of children with surgically amenable congenital heart disease will require lifesaving, invasive intervention to help improve their quality of life significantly. It is estimated that compared to their peers, the medical costs for individuals with congenital heart disease are 10 to 12 times greater.  And most patients in Nigeria are referred to seek these surgeries outside of Nigeria which funds most of these family cannot afford.

To this end, Hospitals for Humanity (HfH) an Atlanta based NGO duly registered both in the US and Nigeria has in the last two years conducted forty nine (49) paediatric cardiothoracic surgeries via its Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery Initiative (PCTSI) and in Nigeria, made up of a world class team, providing care and services comparable to any first class institution while building capacities of local staff and fostering knowledge transfer.

Currently HfH has a patient list of over a thousand patients, two hundred of who URGENTLY need surgeries, having exhausted its funds in the largely pro bono efforts of the last two years, HfH seeks to raise funds via its 1K1M fundraising campaign to continue carrying out these surgeries for the needing children.

The 1K1M campaign seeks to raise funds from one million individuals who will give at least N1000 each or its currency equivalent in dollars, pounds or euros towards carrying out open heart surgeries for 200 children with congenital heart defects.

Taking off in January and running throughout the year, the campaign will involve as many activities as possible ranging from social to religious, all aimed at raising funds for this cause. On board as proud partners and sponsors are Daar Communications, to mention a few.

Watch the interview with Dr. Segun Ajayi below.

For more information, kindly visit  1K1M


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