Hearn Warns Haye And Bellew To Avoid Throwing Punches In Upcoming Meetings

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Boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn has warned both David Haye and Tony Bellew to avoid throwing punches at upcoming pre-fight meetings.

Bellew accused Haye of throwing a punch at him during a press conference they had last November and Eddie Hearn is hoping to avoid any future drama before the March 4 fight.

“We’ve just got to keep them sensible. When they come together again, I worry,” Hearn told Sky Sports News HQ.

“I don’t want this fight falling through because both fighters couldn’t keep their hands to themselves in the build-up.

“Everyone has got to sensible to make sure we all make it in one piece to The O2 Arena.”

Bellew will be fighting for a first time as a heavyweight, moving up from cruiserweight to face Haye and Hearn believes they have the same physique.

“Tony looks fantastic, surprised by his weight,” Hearn said. “He thought he’d come in lighter – he hasn’t tried to bulk himself up, or beef himself up.

“I don’t think there will be that much difference in the weight come the weigh-in or fight night.

“He’s talked about the differences in camp – he’s been locked away in a three-star hotel in Sheffield, away from his family. Haye has been in Miami on private jets and private yachts, very nice!

“But don’t be fooled by that. We know he’s been training hard behind the scenes.”



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