Haye: It Is Going To Be A Brutal Night For Bellew

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David Haye says if Tony Bellew wants to avoid a brutal defeat against him, he’ll have to change the way he fights.

The former heavyweight champion, 36, is back in Britain ahead of his grudge match against Bellew at The O2 on March 4.

Bellew has repeatedly criticised Haye’s training camp in Miami, which he has brushed off, insisting the Liverpool man better change his fighting style to avoid an early defeat.

“I don’t know what he is going to do,” Haye told Sky Sports News HQ. “I’m looking forward to seeing, I hope he does bring his A-game.

“I hope he does do something I’m not expecting, because if he doesn’t, if the usual Tony Bellew turns up, it’s going to be pretty brutal, pretty fast. It’s going to be very bad for his health.”

“I’m in a really happy, positive place and I’m not looking forward to his dark energy coming,” said Haye.

“If you just listen to him, he’s just angry and moaning and moody. I don’t like that vibe. I like to stay well away from negative people as possible and he’s very negative.

“Come the fight, you’re going to see the darkness versus the light and you’re going to see someone who is really, really positive, someone who is sharp, who watches their diet, who really takes care of themselves versus someone who – you just look at his physique – it says all you need to know about him.

“He doesn’t live the life. He says he does, he talks it, but look at his body and you can see you have obviously been eating something you shouldn’t.

“He obviously wasn’t training as hard as he should have been. If I didn’t train and I just ate junk food all day long, I would have the same body as he would, that’s plain and simple.”



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