Haye Expecting Cold Reception In Liverpool

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David Haye will be having a press conference today at the hometown of Tony Bellew in Liverpool and he is looking forward to it.

The pair will will face off in the ring on Saturday and Haye, who hails from London is primed for the frosty atmosphere he’ll receive in Liverpool.

“He’s come down south plenty of times, so I’m looking forward to getting some verbals, and getting some grief,” Haye exclusively told Sky Sports.

“I’m looking forward to it, I love it, I relish it. He’s come to my home turf, so it’s only fair that I go to his home turf to put myself in the firing line.

“I’m sure I’ll get stuff chucked at me, and get some verbals from his fans. But I don’t care, it will be fun. Bring it on.”



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