Fury: Klitschko Is AJ’s Acid Test

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Boxing trainer Peter Fury believes Wladimir Klitschko is the best test of Anthony Joshua’s career.

IBF heavyweight holder Joshua will defend his belt against the veteran boxer come April 29 at the Wembley Stadium in front of 90, 000 fans.

Klitschko has been inactive for over one year since losing his WBO, WBA ‘ super ‘ and IBF heavyweight title to Tyson Fury.

“I think this is the acid test for Anthony Joshua and if he comes through it he deserves maximum credit,” Peter Fury told Sky Sports.

“If Klitschko is hungry, on cue, and really wants those belts back it’s going to be one hell of a fight.

“I’d have to slightly favour Klitschko because he has the experience but the question is whether Klitschko really has the desire to put his body through it all again, especially with the inactivity after being beaten by Tyson.

“It all depends on what sort of Klitschko turns up on the night, but if we get a 100 per cent Klitschko then I think Joshua will have problems.”

But Fury insists Klitschko’s ring absence raises serious questions about his psychological and physical capabilities to compete against a fighter of unbeaten Joshua’s calibre.

He added: “Just what is going on up there [in Klitschko’s head] we don’t know, because it’s all in the mind isn’t it?

“We just don’t know if Wladimir will be hungry. He could be more hungry now than ever, or, after being inactive for so long, he could be coming back for the money, for one last pay cheque.

“He’s almost 41. Is the desire there anymore? These are questions we won’t know the answer to until that bell goes.

“But whether Wladimir is over the hill or not won’t be AJ’s fault. You can only fight what is put in front of you and Klitschko will be by far the biggest test of his career.”



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