Doctors Recommend Bed Rest For President Buhari – Mr Femi Adesina

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The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, on Tuesday in Abuja said the results of President Muhammadu Buhari’s medical tests had suggested further rest.

Mr Adesina, said this while speaking with State House correspondents but didn’t state the period of time that the President’s rest would last.

“The President wants Nigerians to know that he appreciates their prayers; he appreciates their concerns and their goodwill. He has added that there is really no cause to worry.” He said.

“He is the one who owns the body and there is nobody who will know his body more than him and he says no cause to worry.”

“It makes sense to say that, maybe from the results of the tests, further rest had been recommended. The statement did not say how long the rest would last.

“I speak for somebody; I do not speak for myself. So it is what he tells me to say that I say and the statement transmitted to me is that the President needs to rest for some further time.”

Mr Adesina stated that he was not in the position to talk about the nature of the President’s illness.

“Don’t you know that the Hippocratic Oath even forbids a doctor from speaking about the condition of his patient except the patient authorises it? It is only the patient himself who can speak about what he is going through.”

“This is the person going through these series of tests and rest and he says no cause to worry, let us believe that.” He added

President Buhari on Tuesday reassured Nigerians of his health conditions, thanking them for their consistent prayers for his well-being. In a statement by Adesina, the president thanked millions of Nigerians who had been sending good wishes to him.

The President revealed that the results of the test conducted on him indicated that he needed a longer period of rest. The president had proceeded on a 10-day vacation and a routine medical check in the UK on Jan. 19. In a letter sent to both arms of the National Assembly, the president said Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would act as president pending his return.

However, the president could not make it back to the country on Feb. 6, and proceeded to send another letter to the Senate requesting extension of time to complete his medical check-up in London.

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