Bellew Working On Speed

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Tony Bellew has a plan for his fight against David Haye and it is to be faster than his opponent, all he needs is to weigh in at 15 stones for the fight.

The WBC cruiserweight champion is going to be fighting as a heavyweight for the first time when he faces Haye on March 4.

“After training, I was 221lbs (15st 11lbs) – I will come in lighter on fight night, much lighter than 221lbs,” Bellew exclusively told Sky Sports ahead of facing Haye on March 4, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

“His advantage is speed – every single fight, against anyone he’s fought, he’s always quicker than them. So if I can get anywhere near his speed, he’s in for a shock.

“He will whinge, he will look for a way out – but, for the first four rounds, he’s as good as any heavyweight on the planet.

“The only guy in the heavyweight division that is quicker is Anthony Joshua. But Joshua is quicker with combination punches, he isn’t quicker with a single punch. Haye is the quickest single-punching heavyweight on the planet. With one shot, he’s lightning fast.

“But he’s lightning fast to other heavyweights. He isn’t quicker than some of the cruiserweights I’ve faced, so the speed isn’t going to be an issue for me. The judging of distance will be.

“How quick can he close the distance? I’m not facing the David Haye of six, seven years ago who was searching for a world title, and went to Paris [to defeat Jean-Marc Mormeck].

“I’m facing a David Haye who doesn’t want to fight anymore, who announced he would retire at 30, who isn’t fighting because he wants to, but because he has to – that’s a big difference.

“I guarantee he’s already got the date for his next fight but I’ll be the one who messes that up – I’m not just going to mess up his hair-cut, I’m going to mess up his face as well.”



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