Bellew: Haye Lacks Respect

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Tony Bellew has once again stated that David Haye is disrespecting the sport of boxing after they met at a press conference on Monday.

The pair traded insults at the last press conference before their fight on Saturday, with Haye saying he’ll end his opponents career.

Bellew on the other hand says he is looking to win by any means possible, but the health of the Londoner is still a priority.

When asked about how he felt Haye came across at the media conference, Bellew told Sky Sports News HQ: “The same as he always does – arrogant, very egotistical and just a pure lack of respect.

“It’s just wrong. We don’t need boxing portrayed the way he’s portrayed it or the way he’s doing it.

“It’s been through a rough time of late as a sport and we just don’t need it being put under the spotlight he’s putting it under.

“It’s disgusting and it’s wrong but you know, listen, that’s what makes him tick.

“At the end of the day, I’m just going in there to win. All I need the referee to do is count to 10, it’s all over. Even if it’s on points, I just need to win and that’s what I’m going to do on Saturday. I’m just going to win.

“All I want him to do is go home healthy to his family but he’ll probably end up going straight back to Miami. I just want him to get out the ring and be safe.

“Believe me, I’m up for this fight and I’m going to win on Saturday night. I will be victorious. I’m going to turn the gas up and he’s not going to be able to stick with the pace.”

“His own trainer is just so egotistical,” Bellew added. “I like Shane, I think Shane’s a brilliant coach, but to be so dismissive of me and be so arrogant towards me was wrong.

“It’s bad news but you know, it is what it is. Underestimate me at your peril – it will come back to bite you.

“I wasn’t given that world championship. I wasn’t given the British, the Commonwealth, the European titles. I earned them – and I beat good fighters along the way. Just keep writing me off.



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