Bellew: I Once Floored Haye In A Sparring Session In 2005

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Tony Bellew says David Haye already knows how hard he hits, recalling how he floored him during a sparring session in 2005.

The Merseysider will face his bitter rival in the ring on Saturday at The O2 Arena and has said what happened when they last shared the ring.

The Londoner said he could not remember much about sparring Bellew, but the WBC cruiserweight says Haye pulled out of a fight against Hobson after a sparring with him and David Price.

“He got a hiding off the two of us that day,” Bellew exclusively told Sky Sports. “He turned up in Liverpool, flying high, was expecting to beat me and David Price up. He hit me with one of the hardest punches I have been hit with in the first round.

“I stood on my feet and said good shot. He looked at me in pure amazement and shock. I don’t know how I stayed on my feet, but remember nodding and saying good shot.

“I was a cruiserweight at the time, he was a cruiserweight, and the spar went on. Three rounds later David Price got in and hit him with a right hand that spun him 360 degrees.

“David Price would only have had to hit with a jab to knock him over, but David being David, stood back and said are you okay mate?

“I got in the next round, gave him a good few whacks on the side of the head. He took a knee. I went to hit him when he was on one knee and I missed him and punched the floor. That’s the difference between me and David Price, I’m a savage. David is a lovely man and a nice guy.”

Bellew played down the significance of the sparring, with the two men due to exchange punches without head guards this weekend, although he is standing by his version of events.

“I’m not saying I flattened him, put him on his back. I didn’t, that would be a lie, but he took a knee,” said Bellew.

“I hit him with a right hand and he went down, took a knee, the spar finished after that. He then pulled out of his fight with Mark Hobson the next day. That’s not lies, that’s just stone cold facts.

“I said ‘can you remember pulling out against Mark Hobson the next day?’ He says to me ‘vaguely’, but you can’t remember the hiding you got the day before.”



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