Bellew Has Admitted To Hate Training To Fight Haye

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David Haye is playing mind games with Tony Bellew and that seems to be working, as the Merseysider has admitted he hates training for Haye after he said he enjoys his training camp.

The grudge match between the long time rivals at The O2 arena is just a few weeks away on March 4.

Haye just recently came back from his training camp in Miami and has said he is in a happy, positive place.

Bellew’s mood is however a completely different one, as he keeps pushing his body to the limit with his trainer .

“Last week was an absolutely horrendous week,” Bellew told Sky Sports. “If I put it into comparison to his, what I heard him saying: ‘I love this camp, it’s been absolutely fantastic. I wish I could stay for longer and the camp could just keep going on and on.’

“Well, I’ll be honest, my camp has been horrible, horrendous. I have killed myself in the gym, time and time again. I’ve had about four heart attacks. I died on the treadmill on Saturday.

“I’ve mixed sparring partners up. I’ve done tons upon tons of rounds with big, heavy lumps who are trying to take my head off. I hate camp, but it’s all going to pay off when I hit you in that ridiculous haircut on March 4.”

Haye attended a fashion show at the weekend and Bellew was quick to mock his bitter rival’s lifestyle.

“I think he’s lost. I just think he lives in a dream world,” said Bellew. “Come on, let’s be honest, is Dizzee Rascal really his friend? Does he really know Jeremy Piven and Jamie Foxx? Could they give two hoots about him? No.

“I don’t need celebrity friends, I don’t need new friends. I am what I am. I’m just a normal fellow who gets punched in the face for a living and gets punched really hard at times as well.

“But you know what, I’m alright at punching them back.”



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